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| web development (2018)

Shop the best selection of organic snacks or create your own product with your favorite ingredients. You can subscribe to your own creation!

| web development (2018)

Local ice cream shop with a new twist, online subscriptions to ice cream and pops with new monthly flavors right at your door.

| branding & web development (2018)

Building solutions to any project you have in mind. If you need an expert in any kind of building service, we are pretty sure they can help you.

| web development (2017)

Underground sneaker shop based in popular street culture. Offering the latest products in streetwear like sneakers, clothing, and accessories.

MISC Arquitectura

| web development (2017)

Popular architecture of the Mexican province. Architectural and interior design projects from Monterrey, NL.

| web development (2017)

Game changing eyewear that protect you from blue light coming out of any screen avoiding eye problems.

| web development (2017)

Pure and elegant ice making company. Focused on logistics and distribution under the highest quality standards.

| branding & web development (2017)

Buying and selling tickets online made easy. Buy tickets for upcoming events, or sell tickets to your own event.

| web development (2017)

Subscription to a monthly box full of Mexican products. Try new trending products made 100% in Mexico.

| web development (2017)

Unique tool that allows you to open or close the door of a public place with your feet instead of using your hands.

| bug fixes and improvements (2017)

The best selection of coffee right at your door. Offering coffee tools and fine coffee grains with a subscription.

| app development (2016)

Master distributor of the Castel and Cemix brands. The best floors, walls, tiles, and adhesives in the market.

| app development (2015)

Mexican tacos and tostadas franchise with 50+ locations in Mexico and USA offering high quality fast food.